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Heppell Maintenance

a little bit about us.

Heppell Maintenance is a family-run, friendly pest control & plumbing business taylored uniquely to suit the needs of our customers by offering cost effective solutions accross the North East of England.
Our vast experience and inventive use of a variety of tried-and-tested resources has enabled us to help thousands of customers who have tried the giants and one-man bands only to be let down or found them lacking in expertise.
We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients.
we approach every job with our trademark rapid response and of course attention to detail.
Heppell Maintenance has grown to become the leading supplier of pest control services in the Northumberland, County Durham and Tyne & Wear areas.
Whether your problem is in residential or commercial premises, Heppell Maintenance is capable of providing the quickest response and the best value for money service.
From dripping taps to bathroom installation, insect eradication to rodent extermination, not to mention our comprehensive pest contracts to protect your business.

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